Smoked King Salmon (in a Tin)


--SPRING SPECIAL-- For those of you who want to try both ivory and red tinned king, order 24 tins red king and I will split the order--12 tins red king, 12 tins ivory king. Get 12 tins ivory king for the price of red king.


NEW: Smoked Ivory King in a tin! This is the famed white/ivory king salmon. Rare and the most delicious of all salmon, this king will blow your mind.

Smoked king is finally here! And shelf stable in a tin no less. This is my premium king salmon, smoked Alaskan-style to perfection then packed and cooked in a tin. King is the perfect salmon for the canning process because it remains moist and soft. This is shelf stable and utterly delicious.

This product does not ship with my four yearly shipments. Instead, it ships once per week. In most cases your order will arrive the week after you order. Shipping is free. 

My canned king salmon is carefully packed in USPS flat rate boxes and shipped with insurance and tracking to your door. In most cases this will ship the week you order it. You can order this by itself or together with a seasonal catch. Regardless, it will ship separately the week you order.

Tins are 6oz. each.

I remove the bones for you. I do occasionally miss one, but don't worry, pin bones are not dangerous.

These are 6 oz. premium cans, shelf stable for 3 or more years. These are not quick open tops.

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