About Me

I'm from Alaska and I've fished here all my life. Many people have to search the world to find their home, but –– to paraphrase Nancy Lord –– I have always taken comfort in the knowledge that I was born into mine. I love this land and the delicious, sustainable, and wild foods I catch and gather here. Alaska is a massive, wild place, the likes of which I have not seen elsewhere in the world. Some days I have to peer through the cold and wet gloom to see the beauty, but that in itself is one of Alaska's clever ploys––it holds it's beauty close, revealing it only to those most intent on experiencing it. This means I really earn every fish I catch for you.

Together with my wife, Nicole Ziegler, and our daughter, Cedar, I fish in Alaska spring, summer, and fall, and live in Hawaii during the winter, where my wife is a professor in second language acquisition the University of Hawaii. I studied fine art (BFA), environmental journalism (MA), and wrote a travel guide to the state of Alaska. I'm passionate about sustainable food systems and subsistence lifestyles. We garden, hunt, and gather everywhere we go.

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