Salmon Wings (Spring Catch)

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The belly is the best part of the salmon and these wedges of belly around the fin are about as good as it gets. I grill these and the crispy fin acts like a handle for easy munching. Be aware that each wing has one fin attached.

King salmon wings are a divine slice of the world's best fish. Coho wings are smaller, with a similar mild and delicious salmon flavor, with just a little less fat. Sockeye wings are a similar size as coho with the amazing color and wild salmon flavor you expect from sockeye.

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These are a piece of the king salmon belly. Each has one fin attached.

These do have one fin attached and the associated bones. However, there are no pin bone-like bones.

I vacuum seal my salmon in heavy 5mm bags. Your fresh-frozen seafood will keep in your freezer in pristine condition for at least 12 months.

Interesting king salmon info:

  • The longest known trip ever taken by a salmon was a king salmon that traveled 3,845 km upstream to spawn.
  • On March 25th 1963, the Chinook salmon became the official state fish of Alaska


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