King Salmon (Winter Catch)

Ships March 20 & 21, 2023.

King salmon is the king of the salmon, and in more ways than one. While certainly the largest of the salmon (the world record was 126 lbs!), it is also considered by many to be the most delicious. The soft and flaky flesh has a pleasant mild salmon taste and a luscious rich, almost buttery, flavor. If you love king, mine is the best.

White king is an uncommon variety of king salmon with brilliant white flesh instead of the usual red/orange flesh. It's beautiful and many consider it the most delicious type of king salmon out there, making it a contender for the very best fish on earth!

Preorder Preorder Period:
Dec. 1, 2022 - March 12, 2023

Your seafood will ship to your doorstep via FedEx Ground or Express, depending on where you live. Seafood will ship March 20 & 21 and be to you a few days later. This page details shipping rates:


  • Portion - Portions are a fillet cut in half, sometimes in thirds. Portions are generally about 1 lbs. but can be as small as 0.75 lbs. or as large as 1.25 lb. each. Every now and then some larger portion will come from a really big fish.

For more information on cuts and bones, have a look here:

For convenience and to avoid confusion, I now only offer boneless king. Pin bones are pulled by hand which results in a lovely and uniquely hand crafted fillet. My deboned king is generally 90-100% boneless with one or two pin bones sometimes remaining in the collar area of the fillet. The tail portion is naturally mostly or totally boneless.

All fish is vacuum sealed in heavy 5mm bags to avoid broken seals and freezer burn. virtually all other seafood is vacuum sealed in 4mm or lighter bags. Your fresh-frozen seafood will keep in your freezer in pristine condition for 12 months or more.

Who, Where, When, & How:

Although I used to offer my own kings from the Ugashik River, I now offer only troll-caught kings sourced from friends in Southeast Alaska. These fish are the best salmon available, caught one at a time by hook and line in the prime of their lives out in the open ocean.

Interesting king salmon info:

  • The longest known trip ever taken by a salmon was a king salmon that traveled 3,845 km upstream to spawn.
  • On March 25th 1963, the Chinook salmon became the official state fish of Alaska


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