Salmon Sampler (Winter Catch)

Ships March 20 & 21, 2023.

My salmon sampler is 3 of my favorites––5 lbs. boneless king portions, 5 lbs. boneless sockeye portions, and 5 lbs. of my famous salmon burgers. The Salmon Sampler is 15 lbs. total. If you can't decide which species to get, or if you want to try them all side by side, my salmon sampler is the way to go.

Each of the three species has their own unique flavor, texture, and color. While sockeye is brilliant red and firm with a "salmony" flavor, king is mild, rich, and delicate.  My salmon burgers are a mixture of king and sockeye, combining the best aspects of each (and a few choice ingredients) into a delicious, healthy, and extremely easy to cook salmon burger.

The sockeye, king, and coho salmon come as boneless portions. The salmon burgers are hand chopped salmon with shallots/onions, bread crumbs, capers, and mustard. They are hand formed salmon patties. Of course they are boneless also. See below in "Cut" for more details.

NOTE: Because it can be much harder to weight out exactly 5 lbs. than a larger amount like 10 lbs., there can be more weight variability in this Share than others.

Preorder Preorder Period:
Dec. 1, 2022 - March 12, 2023

Your seafood will ship to your doorstep via FedEx Ground or Express, depending on where you live. Seafood will ship March 20 & 21 and be to you a few days later. This page details shipping rates:

King salmon portions are about 1 lb. each, but can be as small as 0.75 lbs. and as large as 1.25 lbs. each. Sockeye and coho portions are typically 0.75 lb. each, but can be as small as 0.5 lb. and as large as 1 lb. each. My salmon burgers are hand formed, packed two to a bag, and weigh about 1/3 lb. each burger––0.75 lbs. per package.

I remove the bones for you. I do occasionally miss one, but don't worry, pin bones are not dangerous.

I vacuum seal my salmon in heavy 5mm bags and ship to you in foam shipping boxes. Your fresh-frozen seafood will keep in your freezer in pristine condition for at least 12 months.

Who, Where, When, & How:

After commercial fishing Alaska's waters for 25 years, I am starting to focus more on turning out stunning fillets for your dinner table and less on sloshing around in my boat fishing. Although I am sometimes fishing, more often I am jumping on a friend's skiff to get their best fish before taking them ashore and filleting them in my beach-front fillet cabin. The art and craft of turning out beautiful fillets is more and more where my heart is these days. I call it salmon craft.

All my sockeye is hand-caught, filleted, and pin boned in a fillet cabin on the banks of the Ugashik River in remote western Alaska. Bristol Bay is the biggest salmon run on earth. Sometimes there are more than 65 million sockeye returning to spawn! Although we do catch quite a bit of king on the Ugashik River, I also source some from friends who are involved in the troll-caught fishery of Southeast Alaska. These are stunning fish caught one at a time by hook in their prime in the open ocean.


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