Smoked Salmon


I offer bellies and strips. Bellies are the long thin strip from the belly of the fish with two fins. This is the fattiest and most delicious part of the fish. Strips are thick strips about 4-8 inches long cut from sockeye portions. All are mostly boneless except for bellies which do have the fins attached.

Flesh flavor

Smoking removes about 30-35% of the water from salmon. This condenses the flavor and natural oils. We brine the sockeye to give it a faint salt and sweet flavor then smoke it with Alaskan alder wood. The result is truly intoxicating.


I've been catching and smoking salmon for almost 3 decades. I'm really good at it. I smoked everything I sell the same way I make it for myself––with a light brine so the natural flavor of the Alaskan alder wood and sockeye salmon can stand proud on your palate. 

My Alaskan-style smoked salmon is lightly cured then smoked at a low temperature for 5-10 hours. Enjoy it on an appetizer platter with crackers, cheese, and fruit, or crumble it on a salad in the evening or eggs in the morning. You can also eat it right out of the package like a bear. That's what I do. I like to take a package hiking and munch it as a high protein and delicious trail snack.

If you've had lox-type salmon before, this is nothing like that. My smoked salmon has a light jew to the outside and a soft, moist interior. It will flake under a knife or break into pieces with your fingers.

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