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Why Salmon & Sable?

When I started Salmon & Sable I wanted to make good on the promise of "fishermen-direct." I wanted to give folks the salmon they thought they were getting but almost never were. Most "fishermen-direct" businesses sell their catch to large corporate processors where it's mixed with millions of other fishermen's salmon. Then they buy this processed and package salmon and sell it to you. This anonymous, machine processed, and generally low quality salmon is commonly sold as "fishemen-direct."

At Salmon & Sable it's just myself, my wife, and my 8-year-old daughter who do everything by hand. We catch, ice, fillet, pin bone and flash freeze every salmon we sell. If you want to know everything about your salmon, trust me to be your fisherman.

If you love Alaskan seafood, I'd like to be your fisherman.

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