Why Salmon & Sable is Different

Hi, my name is Traveler Terpening and I'd like to be your fisherman. Together with my family and a small group of skilled crewmen, we catch, ice, carry, fillet, vacuum pack, freeze, and ship every single one of the wild Alaskan salmon you order. We do things slowly, meticulously, and entirely by hand in the rugged and remote Alaskan wilderness. 

This commitment to the whole process combined with a dedication to environmental sustainability is what makes my business and seafood so unique. My seafood is among the best you will experience in your lifetime, and it's family and friend produced from start to finish.

Although there are many places to buy Alaskan salmon these days, very few are both catching and filleting their own fish. Customers generally believe that when they buy salmon from a fisherman they are getting salmon that fisherman personally caught, filleted, and shipped to them. However, this is rarely the case. Instead, most "fisherman-direct" businesses are fishing and selling their catch to large corporate processors. These companies process millions (sometimes tens of millions) of pounds of salmon per year. The fisherman then buys processed and packaged fish from that processor. This anonymous, unstoried, machine processed, and generally low to mediocre quality salmon is what's sold to their customers under the "fisherman-direct" banner.

When I first started selling customer-direct almost a decade ago, this was how I sold salmon as well. The cost, challenges, and legal hurdles of processing my own fish were too significant. But my dream was always to make good on the promise of fisherman-direct. When I launched Salmon & Sable I did just that. I now catch, fillet, package, and freeze every salmon my customers order.

If you like your seafood wild, sustainably harvested, and caught and filleted by the same family you buy it from, I’m your fisherman. Thank you for your trust and patronage. I look forward to fishing for you.