Salmon & Sable For Sale

Remote Alaskan Property & Wild Salmon Business For Sale

In the heart of the Alaskan wilderness, this remote property and associated wild salmon business may be the career and lifestyle change you have been looking for. With 1.72 acres and two cabins right on the beach, you can’t beat the location or surroundings. The only thing better than living here is also being able to make your living here. This is much more than property and a business, this is everything you need to continue the lifestyle and thriving high-end wild salmon business my family and I have build over the last 10 years. Not only is this something virtually anyone can run, it is perfectly suited to families, including those with young children like mine.

The property is about 1 mile from the very small town of Pilot Point. Population 69. There are no roads in or out. While already remote and beautiful, countless adventures are literally at the doorstep. For 10 years we have explore the vast tundra wilderness and cruised the almost endless beaches of the Bering Sea looking for priceless (to me) treasures like historic Japanese glass fishing floats, walrus ivory, and whale bones. By boat we explore up the three main rivers to world class hunting, sport fishing, and the most stunning and remote wilderness one can imagine. Summer wildflowers fade to fall berries, which we pick by the tub-full for pancakes and preserves. We see caribou, fox, migratory birds, wolves, moose, whales, and walrus. We watch brown bears catch salmon in nearby creeks and walk the beach in front of the cabin. Our property is truly a magical place.

My unique business serves high-end customers around the country. I have a large and loyal following who won’t settle for anything less than stunning salmon caught and produced by the person they bought it from. The quality, aesthetics, and true fisherman-direct nature of the salmon I produce is replicated few other places in the state. The pride, honor, and dignity that comes from producing beautiful, wild food with ones own two hands from raw nature is hard to describe.

The fillet cabin, walk-in freezer, and personal cabins adjoin with a deck and are all right on the beach. The cedar-lined sauna is in the back and was built by myself from flawless recycled historic wood from the local salmon cannery. The fillet cabin is FDA and State of Alaska inspected and is outfitted with everything to produce premium wild salmon fillets and smoked salmon. I have been doing this a long time, so every facet of production and transportation has been refined to a science. My customers preorder a share of the future catch and pay in full. I fish for them during the summer and ship their orders in the fall. It is a wonderful and virtually risk free way of doing business.

The fishery we take part in is incredible to behold. As many as 60 million 100 % wild sockeye salmon return each summer. The fishery is carefully managed for sustainability and the track record is testament to this careful consideration. I am proud that Alaska has the only constitution with fisheries sustainability written into it. Ours is the largest salmon run on earth and it is a unique privilege to take part in it. This is a summer and fall business, so take the winters off!

Fishing here and producing this wild salmon for my family and customers has been the pride of my life. A perfect storm of family illness and life circumstances are pushing us to sell.

Here is what’s included:

  • Salmon & Sable, LLC is a well established, growing, and profitable direct-market salmon business. You get this business and the e-commerce website and all associated media, intellectual property, customers/email lists, social media accounts, and graphics.
  • Terpening Fishing, LLC is my fishing and processing business. You get this business and all associated real estate, building, gear, equipment, supplies, and materials.
  • 1.72 acres of land on the beach. X2 lots. Owned outright, free & clear.
  • Alaska CFEC Bristol Bay setnet fishing permit
  • Alaska DLNR shore fisheries lease.
  • One cabin with bunks, kitchen, eating area, etc.
  • One cabin set up to process high-end salmon. FDA and State of Alaska inspected.
  • Walk-in freezer. 16'X8'
  • Sauna.
  • 20 ft. shipping container for storage. Equipment, gear, tools, etc.
  • Three Honda Rancher 420 ATVs.
  • X2 trailerds--Double axel trailer. Aluminum trailer.
  • Aluminum skiff & outboard. 21 ft.
  • Much more––literally a decade of work, play, and investment moves from my family to yours.

Asking Price: $495,000


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