How my Service Works

Simple is always best. Here's the skinny. Preorder your Share of the coming summer catch before the fishing season then sit back while I catch your fish. Once caught, I send your seafood to your door. I ship twice per year––May for the Spring Catch (halibut & sablefish) and September for the Fall Catch (sockeye, king, & smoked salmon). 

No club to join or recurring fees to pay, just the best fish in the world caught by me and sent to you––how producer-direct is supposed to be but rarely is. Since you pay for your Share(s) before the fishing season, you're preorder helps cover the cost of fishing and in a very real way, makes it all possible. I like to think of my customers as co-owners who are paid seafood dividends. Here's how to preorder your Share of the catch:

Preorder your Share of the Catch now

    1. Would you like to preorder from the Spring Catch, the Fall Catch, or both?
      Choose either the Spring or the Fall collections here. If you would like both a Spring and a Fall shipment, choose your Spring species then proceed to checkout and complete that process. Then head back to the Fall Collection and choose the species you'd like from there and complete the order.
    2. Pick Your Species:
      Once you've decided on the Spring or the Fall Catch, choose the species you like and add them to your preorder. Please do not add both Spring and Fall species to your cart at the same time. Preorder from the Spring Catch on or before April 15 for a May delivery, or by July 15 for a later Sept. delivery.
    3. Confirm preorder
      Confirm your preorder by paying then sit back while I fish. Your Share will arrive on your doorstep in May for Spring Catch preorders and September for Fall Catch preorders. I will announce the exact shipping day on April 15th for the Spring Catch and July 15 for the Fall Catch.
    4. In-season updates
      I’ll keep you updated on the fishing season with pictures and videos. I'll send a few emails but mostly I'll post the Salmon & Sable social media pages. You can literally watch your fish being caught by me.
    5. Final update before shipping
      A few weeks before I ship your Share(s), I will email with a 7-10 day window for the arrival of your order. A few days before your Share arrives I will email you your tracking number so you can follow your order from my door to yours.
My FAQs page has additional information.


If you have a problem of any kind, I'm there for you. Short of customer negligence, I'll work with you to make just about any issue right.  If a shipment is lost in transit, no need to hassle with FedEx. Just let me know and I'll send you a replacement. If I made a mistake in your order, I'll feel terrible and quickly ask how I can fix it––whether that's a credit for the future or a replacement order. Because my policy is based on common sense and is trust-based, I rely on all parties acting in good faith. 

Good question. A Share is how I sell my catch and is about 10 lbs. I'm always shooting for 10 lbs. but a Share can be anywhere from 9.5-10.5 lbs. One Share is the minimum total order and one Share is also the minimum per species. So, if you'd like more than one species in your order, add two or more Shares. 

For information on shipping, click here.

For large orders, please email me directly for significant savings.