100% Transparency

Salmon & Sable is just me, Traveler Terpening. During the fishing season my father helps and I typically hire a few crewmen to work with me. I sell only what myself and a few fishermen friends catch. I'm proud of my ultra-sustainable fishery and the unparalleled seafood I produce. I don't have anything to hide and I don't hide anything. 100% transparency is how I do things. If you have any questions about any part of the process, please call (907.299.1119) or email (info@salmonandsable.com).

Here are the details of my fishery.

I own my own Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) setnet permit for Bristol Bay, Alaska. This is my card, permit number is S04T 60089E. My father owns a second permit that we fish. I own a 22 ft. open aluminum skiff and I borrow a second skiff from a friend. I have 2 cabins and I borrow a third from a friend. Although this will be much disputed among my friends, I have the best sauna on the beach. I built it with my father from 75 year old wood we recycled from an old salmon cannery.

I fish salmon on the Ugashik River in Western, Alaska. The town of Pilot Point is nearby (population 69). I fish just upriver from my cabins on my Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Shore Fisheries Lease (S 09° 11" W 15222', tract A on diagram 1309). My permit allows me to fish during opening period with a 50 fathom net anchored to shore and stretched into the river. This is called setnetting. During the summer I live at this remote site I call "fish camp." A handful of friends live nearby and fish the same area. We have a wonderful community right on the beach in the middle of nowhere.

This is the Ugashik River where I fish salmon. 57°32'50.22"N, 157°34'42.32"W.

This is my backyard at "fish camp."

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